Рольганги от производителя

Roller conveyors represent a frame mounted on rollers, rolling which moves the piece goods.
Can be both horizontal and sloping.
The displacement may occur due to gravity (on inclined surfaces), due to mechanical momentum or be supported by the drive.
Roller conveyors are effective for transporting cargo with the base in a smooth reference plane or rectilinear edges.
Gravity roller conveyors are installed with a slope from 2 to 20 degrees. Their rollers are free to rotate under the action of the longitudinal component of gravity of transported cargo. The movement of cargo is carried out by use of the difference in initial and final height of the conveyor.
The movement of goods horizontal non-driven roller conveyors is effected by the force of inertia of the applied external force (push of the next unit of the goods or effects of the operator).
In drive roller conveyors, the rollers are motor-driven and misleading the movement lying on their goods.
The design of the rollers allows the device switches and curves to change the direction of the movement of cargo.
Roller conveyors can be complicated transport system having a greater length, numerous branching and crossing of tracks, straight and curved sections of the conveying and packing of the device drives positioners, hoists and tables, and other elements that serve the purpose of creating a full comprehensive mechanization and automation of production.
On the basis of roller conveyors comfortable shaping zones buffering.

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