Конвейерные системы в Украине

One of the recent trends is the automation of packaging processes for finished products.
The company ‘Trans Systems Engineering’ has developed and implemented many projects to create complex complexes that allow you to form cardboard boxes in automatic or semi-automatic modes and, according to the specified algorithm, submit them to the product laying area.
In this case, the movement of boxes, as a rule, is displayed on the upper tiers of industrial premises, and their distribution over various parts of the laying area is based on the specified parameters.
After filling the boxes with the product, they are sealed, marked and discharged into the storage and palletizing zone.

The most promising option is when products from production lines are delivered through a specially organized transport gallery to a centralized distribution warehouse, where they are rejected and sorted according to bar codes.
Distributed products are forwarded to the appropriate shipment lines with subsequent preparation for manual or automatic palletizing.

Such systems make it possible to rationally use the area of ​​production and storage facilities, optimize packaging and warehousing processes, increase picking efficiency with a wide range of products, and eliminate errors and defects due to the “human factor”.
In addition, the degree of safety increases significantly, and sorting, loading and transportation of products are significantly accelerated.

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