Спиральные транспортеры в Украине

Spiral conveyor loads the product up or down in a continuous stream, thus providing high productivity of the process. In addition, spirals can be made reversible.

Spiral conveyor for General purpose is designed for a wide range of applications in any vertical transportation with limited space requirements and high reliability.

Spiral conveyors fulfill a key role in many types of packaging, production lines and distribution.

Spiral conveyors take up little space and therefore provide the most effective use of factory space compared with other types of conveyors.

Most of these conveyors can be supplied pre-assembled, pre-assembled and tested, it saves time and installation costs.

Lift up or lower down with the help of spiral conveyor, as a continuous rise offers great benefits and opportunities.

Spiral conveyors do not require special care and designed for long term operation.

They can work with most of the transported products, including boxes, trays, displays, packaged and unpackaged products.

Our spiral conveyors are often used as lifts or elevators for packaging lines. Many of these lines operate uninterrupted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It can be used at low temperatures.

Cooling solutions

Spiral conveyors are ideal for freezing of food products, as well as for cooling of bakery and confectionery products.

Thanks to its geometric characteristics of spiral conveyor allows you to place the maximum amount of product in the minimum occupied volume. This is particularly valuable in those processes requiring a long stay of the product on the conveyor belt, in particular for freezing or cooling.

We also design and manufacture conveyor machine.

In addition, it is possible to simultaneously freeze different types of products with a further division into varieties on the output conveyor.

Key benefits:


simultaneous freezing of several types of product;

reduction of heat loss;

compact size.

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