Industrial robots in Ukraine

Trans Systems Engineering offers many options for Comau (FIAT) industrial robots of different carrying capacities and range.

Our range also covers the relevant peripheral equipment, from the linear unit to the actuator. In combination with advanced software and innovative management systems, together we will develop  individual solutions for automating your production processes.

Reaching maximum speeds behind the protective fence of a robotic installation, in the form of a mobile solution for fulfilling the task of Industry 4.0 or for direct human-machine interaction in the mode of human-robot cooperation, Trans System Engineering always guarantees you the highest quality.

Want to quickly integrate our solutions and increase the productivity of your production? With Trans Systems Engineering, you will receive pre-configured products from us that make your work easier. Each solution can be easily and quickly integrated into an existing installation to ensure long-term production with maximum productivity.

We are manufacturers of such equipment as production conveyor.

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