Поворотные конвейеры от производителя

Curved conveyor provides movement of the transported product in the arc of the trajectory and allows you to turn the flow, keeping the product unchanged.
Most used conveyors is curved from 90° to 180°.
This type of conveyors is used for joining two or more conveyors for moving the product from one production line to another. On its basis it is possible to build a transport stream the required configuration to bend around corners and obstacles, to turn to another room or to the mating equipment.
Can be equipped with different types of tape: PVC, polyurethane, etc.
Can be manufactured both in stationary and portable (mobile) versions.
Can be equipped with additional elements: protective covers and boards, devices, speed control, safety sensors, devices reset and redirect the product using Pneumatics.

We also design and manufacture conveyor equipment.

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