Лінійні конвеєри в Україні

Line conveyors are a technique for quickly and safely moving products, and its main task is to reliably and with minimal effort link the various stages of production.

This is done continuously until the equipment is turned off, with economical energy consumption and with the ability to adjust the speed of the product.

TSI manufactures linear conveyors horizontal and inclined. They can be either stationary (mounted on supports or fixed on suspensions), or mobile – have supports with wheels for moving.

Our experts create linear conveyors in open, closed or covered execution.

Conveyor design: frame, drive and tension stations, continuous belt of one type or another, loading and unloading devices. The tape between the stations rests on a substrate or supporting rollers.

Materials, parameters and types of tapes can be the most diverse to fully meet the working conditions and the product being transported.

In the food industry, conveyor belts of different colors are used to quickly detect defects and reduce eye fatigue; Using KleenEdge technology (non-shaggy edges); In antimicrobial and hygienic design; With surfaces resistant to cracking; With the ability to work on a knife spread; Special without metal, etc.

A corrugated belt can be used to prevent spillage, a bucket with a transverse profile or chevron for inclined conveyors.

The tape itself is flexible and easy to clean.

The main advantages of linear belt conveyors

High productivity;
Longer conveyor lengths possible;
Stability due to automatic belt tensioning and centering devices;
Simple installation;
Reliability and durability;
Safety of the transported product from damage.

You can also buy industrial conveyor systems from our company.

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