Multi Flex купить в Украине

Development of integrated solutions based on MultiFlex components.

Such conveyors consist of a wide range of modular components that are easily and quickly mounted with simple hand tools.

Flexibility. Reliability. Simplicity.

A special area of ​​the company’s activity is the development and implementation of conveyor systems based on the MultiFlex effective automation concept, which allows solving many issues regarding spatial orientation and product movement, linking individual equipment modules into a single automated production.

Trans Systems Engineering is the official representative in Ukraine of the leading manufacturer and system integrator of MultiFlex modular components – Flex Kon, the general partner of the MS Automation distributor of modular systems – Intra Motion, and also works closely with Flex Link.

The flexible modular MultiFlex system allows you to create from a wide range of modular components, both simple conveyors and much more complex conveyor solutions that are implemented quickly and at low cost. Such a system allows, if necessary, to make changes to the line configuration, quickly responding to new or changing production requirements, and use the main advantages of the versatility and design flexibility of chain conveyors and profile systems. MultiFlex systems are simple and reliable in operation, they have proven themselves in practice.
Thus, when using MultiFlex conveyor solutions, the process of moving goods at your production will always be optimized and well organized.

The modular structure and individual configurations of transport lines guarantee the rational movement of goods in production, taking into account the highest requirements for speed, reliability, hygiene, safe operation, energy and economic efficiency, and noise emissions.
The ability of such conveyor systems to provide three-dimensional transportation along spatial curves (the trajectory on the transportation route can have an individual design, with almost no restrictions) makes it possible to realize the most complex tasks for moving goods in production, taking into account the individual characteristics of the enterprise.

An extensive range of standard solutions and a wide selection of various components is the ideal solution for a wide variety of transportation tasks in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, tobacco and automotive industries.
Using various types of chains (with grippers, cams, pull rollers, friction coating or friction pads, etc.) of different design widths, the user gets at his disposal a universal and comprehensive system with which he can effectively transport almost any cargo.

MultiFlex is a smart idea with many benefits:
• innovative and compact design (as a result – a small
The need for space and space for production);
• high overall performance;
• low noise generation;
• low power consumption;
• quick and easy installation;
• high operational reliability;
• long service life;
• minimum maintenance costs;
• a wide selection of railing components;
• compatibility with different profile systems

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