Non-standard equipment

The company, TSE has the ability to carry out orders on manufacturing of non-standard equipment for various purposes. This highly specialized equipment for unique manufacturing processes, and upgrading or adaptation of existing production lines or their parts to specific conditions of production, and the manufacture of spare, replacement or wear parts and components to a wide range of equipment.

Technological equipment

Technological equipment for food industry
in particular:
– Forming of the rotor for making pastries;
– A Spinneret (nozzle, nozzles) for forming and matrix for jigging machines;
Dosing and depositor for confectionery fillings;
– Jigging machines and dosing units for them;
The glazirovschiki;
Device package;
– Cooling systems and cooling tunnels.

The equipment is manufactured in standard version or developed by individual technical specification. If necessary, these systems integrates specialized process equipment of other manufacturers.

Protective fencing

Given the increasing demands on safe operation of equipment, TSI offers functional safety barriers for work areas and machinery.
Protective shields are designed in different designs with the help of specialized systems, which gives the opportunity to develop universal solutions tailored to the specific characteristics and needs of each workplace.
Flexible system consists of compatible aluminium profiles, solid connections and a wide range of special accessories.

The modular design allows you to mount safety barriers quickly and easily. And if necessary, make quick changes in its configuration, the effective reaction to changing production requirements.

Components profile system

Frame protective fencing of the core elements.

Platforms maintenance / access height

Apply for ongoing and routine maintenance of equipment or for the work place of the operator.
Can be both in stationary and mobile versions.
TSE is developing a complete package of design documentation with reference to current equipment; manufactures and installation of platforms.
This takes into account the many factors that affect the security and usability of the platforms:
• calculated strength and stiffness of the supporting structures of the platforms, excluding the possibility of any vibrations in the planes;
• the optimal values of the main parameters: the angle of the stairs, the stair width between handrails, width of steps, height between steps, the height of the railing, the distance between the vertical uprights of the railing, the distance between the horizontal bars of the railing, etc.
• to avoid sliding of the personnel platform platforms are made of corrugated steel and painted progruntovali sheet, and steps of staircases – from the grating of galvanized steel.
• all items platforms do not contain elements that can lead to injury, but edge grounds maintenance limited by the Board to avoid falling objects.

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