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Conveyor system for transporting cookies (factory in Spain)

The project is a conveyor system for transporting cookies from a sandwich machine to a refrigeration tunnel, as well as a row breeding system in front of the enrobing machine.

The system includes such components:

  •   Direct conveyor belts with a width of 1500 mm;
  •   A conveyor for switching product flows using manual jacks;
  •   Rotary conveyor belts at 90 and 60 degrees;
  •   Conveyor with a beveled end.

A feature of the project is the use of knife plates with a radius of envelope of the tape of 6 mm to reduce the clearance between two adjacent conveyors and to ensure a smooth transition of the small product.

A conveyor with a beveled end is a modification of a standard conveyor that allows you to control the width of the product stream at the interface between conveyor belts (increase or decrease the center distance between product streams).

Also, Intramotion chain conveyors were installed at the factory to transport the product between secondary and tertiary packaging. And non-standard solutions were applied to bring three product streams into one.

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