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Trans system engineering, Kharkov is a designer and manufacturer of conveyor systems different in application and complexity. We deal with various types of conveyor systems from simple conveyors to complex conveying objects with a controlled operating procedure. We offer comprehensive product solutions to the establishment of new conveyor systems or to the modernization of available equipment and to development of non-standard mechanisms and technical solutions. Accomplishing local technical challenges and major "turnkey" engineering projects, TSE creates mechanical equipment along with high-performance control and automation systems. Our staff is efficient enough to solve the most complex technical challenges. We are recognized for participation in major projects at the leading enterprises of Ukraine. Trans system engineering deals with all major types of conveyors such as:


  • conveyor lines (modular, PVC or polyurethane slide rail);
  • fan conveyors (with PVC or polyurethane slide rail);
  • conveyors with a bend section;
  • inclined conveyors (with friction disks);
  • spiral conveyors;
  • stacked conveyors;
  • traffic controlers;
  • roller conveyors;
  • elevator conveyors.

Besides, Trans system engineering is a close associate of the concern Flex Link and it is an official representative of INTRAMOTION, the world's leading manufacturer of MultiFlex modular components. This has contributed to our development and implementation of conveyor systems, based on MultiFlex components.

We appreciate your interest. In case you need our service, contact us by any convenient way.

You can send your technical enquiry by e-mail or fax. If necessary, we will send our experts to examine and identify the problem on the spot.

Our engineers will perform predesign and determine the project cost and implementation period.The delivery usually includes installation supervision or balancing and commissioning. All our products are backed by warranty. In addition, you can obtain Trans system engineering service in the post-warranty period.

For more information we can organize visits to the companies that use our equipment. There you can see the quality, reliability and workability of the equipment as well as convenience and efficiency of its operation.  

Cooperation with INTRAMOTION

In Ukraine Trans system engineering is the official representative of INTRAMOTION, the world's leading manufacturer of MultiFlex modular components.