ООО Транс систем инжиниринг
Проектирование и изготовление
транспортных и конвейерных систем
Engineering and project development

Trans systems engineering, Kharkov focuses on providing a full range of engineering services. These services comprise preparation, implementation and technical support of infrastructural, industrial and other facilities, including research, predesign and design development, analysis, equipment manufacture and supply, objects commissioning, customer service, etc.

Over the years our company has gained a lot of experience in this field.

Our experts develop complex projects while organizing new facilities or modernizing available ones.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide our clients’ total requirements for enterprise modernization, automation and control, improvement of equipment performance, development and implementation of high technology and technical solutions.

Our design measures are coherent. They include study of current infrastructure, business processes, technology, and search for the best solutions in terms of value for money.

Manufacture, supply and installation of equipment is based on cooperation with leading manufacturers of materials and components and on great experience in implementing engineering systems at the objects for various applications.

Customer service provides continuous monitoring of engineering systems performance. Individual service programs include only the options demanded by specific engineering systems construction and providing financial and technical requirements of customers.