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Roller conveyor

Roller conveyors ( Rollgangs ) are rollers mounted on the frame , a load m0ves along these rollers horizontally or at a slight angle.

Prerequisite for transportation of goods is availability of their smooth base or straight edges.

Roller conveyors can be of the following types: gravity and power ones. In gravity roller conveyors installed with a slope from 2 to 20 degrees rollers rotate freely under the influence of the longitudinal gravity of a transported load. Movement of a load is carried out by using the difference in the initial and final height of a conveyor or by force of inertia (initial speed of a load) from the applied external force.

In power roller conveyors rollers are driven by the engine group and report movement to other goods.

The design of roller conveyors allows pointers and curves to change the direction of movement of a load.

Roller conveyors can compose complex transportation systems that are long, have numerous branches and crossing lines, straight and curved sections , transmission and qualifying devices , drives, positioners, lifting devices and tables as well as other elements which serve for creating a fully integrated mechanization and automation of production.

It is convenient to form buffering zones on the basis of roller conveyors.