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Modular belt

A module conveyor consists of a plastic (polyurethane, polypropylene, polyacetal) slide rail, tensioner and drive unit assembly with sprockets.

Plastic slide rail is composed of thermoplastic plastic modules join together by strong plastic or metal pivots.

The block construction made of plastic ensures operation for a long period of time and great results in many applications. The brick connection makes it possible to vary the width of the assembly and provides side and diagonal high strength and tension.

Module conveyors are used for transport of flowable materials, unit loads and open products. They may have bend, zigzag or spiral traffic lane.

In comparison with ordinary conveyor belts, the modular one has several advantages, such as easy way of replacing modules just in damaged or worn areas, good wear resistance, the ability to operate at higher loads as well as simple use and cleaning. Modular belts tension is weaker and, therefore, it is easier to install and service them.